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  1. Rumors

    Ok so firstly hello everyone , how you all doing? I hope you guys having good time And for the topic: I've heared some stuff that I didn't like to hear. And honestly I felt like I had to make it clear, I've gave all my gear, chars and basicly everything I had to my friends, so saying they hacked, stole, bought the gears is pure bullshit. As everyone knows I moved to another server, so I had nothing to do with the gear I had here, decided to make my friends happy and give them some nice gears. Anyways, it is all known by samurai and he said personally there is nothing worng with that. And I know you might be like, who the hell cares? But I'm posting this message kinda directly to the no life people who got nothing better to do than making stories and rumors. Hope it's all clear now, have a blast playing !
  2. 2 new classes (Witch & Dworf) !

    Acutally the 2 upcoming classes are Male hunter and Female ak.
  3. Current Top Players

    Immunex. 1. Lies sir. You were begging us alot. 2. The only reason I came here is to tell people that I'm not back. Adore showed me this theard so I've cleared it out. 3. Abusing bugs? Firstly, ask who ever knew me at all ingame, even dub, trib, pedo. I knew every single bug, trick and never used any one of them. You can also ask samurai and atari and a couple of GMs, I've reported to them most of tha bugs. 4. I was the best Bagi. (It's Bagi not Bagy btw.) You can ask the currect Bagi champion, we did alot of pvps without the iron flesh trick, and I still won him. We both knew trick. 5. Core was the best server, that's true. Anyways, just go ahead and flame more when ever you can, that's the only thing you ever did. Flaming on forums and losing ingame.
  4. Current Top Players

    Honestly everyone is up to say what ever they want. The only reason I see why people still mentioning the old players is because the new champs are a joke. Anyways it really means alot to see people mentioning my name here, just came to clear it that I'm not back and probably never will. I'm currectly playing another server and also working on making my own a9 server. 1 more thing. Immunex, you sir forgot how you begged whole of MoonSplitter to join you in seige and now you say slutty who? Dart who? Funny. As for the old friends I see here, I miss you guys so much! Have fun guys and take care!
  5. OldScho0l - Sub Guild recruiting

    Dat smexy aloken, yawn.
  6. You stupid duck. Why would you call someone a hacker when it simply the skill who is bugged. Skill for bugged after they changed it in the big patch, sometimes it will stun you for 8 secs and sometimes it will get bugged and could stun for 15 secs. Some good shit lol
  7. betting on pvp

    Party pvp works on a3 too ^^. And yeah I understand but, I don't like it anymore
  8. betting on pvp

    I can't find how I've bitched about anything... He said that I'm not good and posted a video of me pvping in the grand champion agianst another Aloken. So I've said, yes I sucked and simply said he was using fishes and better gear. Sorry but I can't find it "Bitching" because I never said he sucks. I simply stated facts that changes alot in a pvp, and said I truly sucked , and moreover that I've changed my build. And as for the rings, I never bitched for them as well. I simply stated it was a real stupid update, that's all. I could buy the best rings , it's not that. A server needs to update ofc, but in any way. I think that dn rings are a stupid idea. Idk how this is looking like bitching. Take your time and read it agian, you'll find the reasons I can't come back right now. And honestly it's kinda boring playing a3 after you play a9, so nvm all of it.
  9. betting on pvp

    Sorry but you never won me, we always pvped and you always wanted to test it out. Even before the championship I pvped you and I beated you and you told that for you I'm the best Bagi, so saying it right now is just a lie. Dn rings are the worse thing core ever came up with. I already gave everything I had and honestly I'm really busy irl and in another server I'm playing. So I don't really give a dam, just funny to see how people speak after they came to me to help them to get better skills, rings, combos, builds and tactics. Seckar more than welcome to look up my forum inbox and see how many people offered me over 3k dk just to know my Aloken build, or else my rings, etc. And if that's not enough, then please keep running around thinking how strong you are untill you'll have to get to A9, then ill show you some real dk skills.
  10. betting on pvp

    As I said, no one ever beated my Bagi. Bagi vs Bagi. As for other class I've beated most of em and I can't really remember anyone that won my Bagi. So please enlighten me. As for the pvp event agianst the other Aloken. That was when he had +13 weap and guard, master helm and tons of fish. I never used fish in pvps and yea I sucked at this pvp because I went full heal. If I wasn't that good Aloken, how come every other time I pvped this guy I win with half shield. You have just 1 video of 1 specific pvp to tell me that I wasn't good. You can say I was a prick, errogant, bitch. But you can't doubt any wins I've made even agianst people who had better gear than me. Ask SamuraiBeast for example.
  11. betting on pvp

    Prove me wrong? Facts are facts dude.
  12. betting on pvp

    MegaCreeper. Best Bagi ingame even tho I didn't went to the championship, I've beated all bagis ingame, ask them. I am slowly gearing him agian. So it will take a little, but sure Only thing that fucked up is this joke magic/noble/dn rings..
  13. betting on pvp

    Feel free to bet me on 50k dk beating my Bagi/Aloken in a pvp
  14. Buying and read the thread too ^_^

    Weeeee meanie ;3
  15. Suggestion for the Dear Players.

    Go 5 segs ;P