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  1. Dupe Hackers [Edited 5.9.2013]

    dear bomerz i dont know what is fun,im ask u easy qestion if u my friends dupe items,im not why im then banned,only reason im use segnale fews times lol
  2. Dupe Hackers [Edited 5.9.2013]

    it is not my segnale im long time in fews time use it is all,sure have my ip (it is djbosanac char) understand
  3. Dupe Hackers [Edited 5.9.2013]

    I have a feeling I think you're trying to cheat or have no evidence,bomberz giv me chars seg(no my chars) ,show my bagy and no put any duped items I do not know why but it's your problem ty.gn Nagia, bomberz
  4. Dupe Hackers [Edited 5.9.2013]

    dear nagia,bomberz im dont know who is it im have only bagy(banned) and sum he is not banned dont know why it not banned
  5. Dupe Hackers [Edited 5.9.2013]

    boomerz u know im no play seg,my char is bagy
  6. Dupe Hackers [Edited 5.9.2013]

    boomerz then post this prof im already say fews time im want see this,i think no have strong prof if u no want post or sent me in box
  7. Dupe Hackers [Edited 5.9.2013]

    when 1 original copy and made much fake originals it is dupped i think
  8. Dupe Hackers [Edited 5.9.2013]

    I want proof, I'm just a ban, I do not need to hack I've been rich, GM just told me that I had fake gear, and of course I bought the gear,they just ban Those who have purchased dk or gears, true hackers are not banned and those who have worked fake dk and other.
  9. +11,+12 SET SUM, no helm

    all sold only have +12 covetus gloves dn 4crit
  10. bro im have same problems,and understand u,have my support
  11. +11,+12 SET SUM, no helm

    all sell,only gloves stay +12cd 4cd-3,5k dk
  12. +11,+12 SET SUM, no helm

    750dk pants
  13. +12 covetus gloves 4%cd-3,5 k dk
  14. Dupe Hackers [Edited 5.9.2013]

    seller me and piji buy hacked items and we banned too and say it staff core ignore