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  1. Removing Gems

    hi im new in dekaron and im just wondering if i get the gem back if i try to remove it from an item.
  2. X3 exp event

    until when will this event last?
  3. HIGH MS

    Hi,just wanted to know what ms u guys normally have when u play on this server coz i always get like 800 - 1000+.
  4. Unique Letter

    thanks alot!
  5. Unique Letter

    Where does unique letter drop? i never looted this item before just DK coins.
  6. Unique Letter

    thanks!..just wondering where i can find these mobs.
  7. Removing Gems

    ok thanks
  8. What's Going On/

    GM's please reply to our posts.we need to know whats happening. thank you
  9. GM! wake up...!

    no. xD
  10. GM! wake up...!

    Its Beacause the aloken costumes, mounts, etc. and the new characters are being implemented so just wait for it:D
  11. Vicious Summoner twin bore skill

    yeah i think there must be something wrong, i tried asking another summy for pvp and try is twinbore on me and it did nothing just the animation.
  12. Vicious Summoner twin bore skill

    Vicious Summoner Twin Bore skill is not working fix thix pls
  13. Channel 1 down

    Have any idea when it will be back?
  14. Crystals

    Whats the best place for farming crystals?
  15. HELP PLS!!

    Im new in this game and i wanna know where i can get gears im lvl 230 but still dont know where to get armors or weapons i keep asking anyone but no one wants to help me in game..pls tell me where to get them and how to get to those places
  16. HELP PLS!!

    wow.thank you very much, this helped alot
  17. What happened?

    i can't connect too -.-