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  1. TB

    @Tyrath remember the oldays ?? 2013
  2. Championship multi account issue

    hahaha common ppl enjoy . @Core-Master @GM-LightSide @Dev-Samurai will do the rest
  3. CaptainOpBlade

    childs play.
  4. CaptainOpBlade

    he should stop smoking weed, maybe his to high xD hgaahahah how sad to my friend
  5. CaptainOpBlade

  6. MAGE +12/+13

  7. MAGE +12/+13

  8. MAGE +12/+13

    +13 Master Helm w/4x5k HP +13 Magic Helion Armor w/3x10%AMR & 1x10%Flinch +13 Normal Helion Pants w/2x2%PR +13 Magic Helion Boots w/2x2%Max Shield +12 New Gloves w/8%CD Base = Dks
  9. Class Championship 2019

    next reason is NONE because i know you cant defend on your own
  10. Class Championship 2019

    no Ashe to play ur acc to defend the champ title
  11. Korrz is BACK!

    Welcome back
  12. Dont BUY naruke 3dk each

  13. RE: VS AFKing with familiar

    okay thank you GM
  14. RE: VS AFKing with familiar

    what if he/she use 2nd acc for lure ??
  15. The Myth the Legend!

    Nice +1 for this art work, maybe you could make 1 for me bro, if its okay Thanks :*