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  1. @ Zack

    Everytime someone posts ''solid proof'' you guys delete it, gg
  2. The amount of retardation in this topic
  3. Test event and no reward

  4. xtremetop100 votes

    Your signature... Gets me everytime XD
  5. WTB Wizard Items +12

    +12 master wizard helmet 4x 96 medials = 4,5k dks or offer
  6. +12 Wizard master helmet fs with 4x 96 meds = DK's or same hunter helmet.
  7. Look what I found guys.....

    They are obviously screwing with you, hes just a tough ak
  8. Leechking, here's your proof

    Those 2 ss's aren't showing anything... lets say i take a ss of DartCZ and post it on facebook claiming hes selling stuff for real money. Is he getting banned? If yes then thats some bullshit rules. Its too easy to make a fake profile and get someone banned. *not defending anyone, just my personal opinion
  9. Blind Jab

    no. 3 seconds is more then enough. anything longer would be OP.
  10. iTerror : Harrassment me

    iTerror u so mean! :/
  11. My time has come.

    Hope you will come visit us sometimes, take care We sure will miss you ryiyuyiu
  12. Imo chars were pretty much balanced before this new "korean dmg" update. I think the best solution is to put the old dmg back and stop changing it ffs..