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  1. Seguriper Sign up [Jan]

    Name: DeathsAngel Class: Seguriper RB: 5 Level: 250
  2. WTB +12 Covetous Summy Gloves with Critical Damage 4% or higher. WTB +12 DN Covetous Armor with Defense Option (Pants and Boots too) WTB +12 Clarent 170 Summy weapon DN unsocketed with no gems is fine. I'll pay good. Pm me in game or in this thread. IGN: tehsolution
  3. WTS DeathsAngel's Segu Set

    *Update Pants sold
  4. WTS DeathsAngel's Segu Set

    *Update, Helm Sold. Pants, Gloves, Wings, Weapon still available.
  5. WTS DeathsAngel's Segu Set

    Update, Sold Armor. Rest is available.
  6. WTS DeathsAngel's Segu Set

    Pm me in game and we'll work something out guNk. So far I still have all pieces.
  7. Quitting Segu; selling my set which includes: +3 Segueriper Fafnir Wings +12 Magic Gloves 1% dmg and 14 increase dmg. +12 Bloody Rust Noble Full Dmg 49, 42, 52 increased dmg. x3 11% fire dmg and 1 10% Crit Damage. Give me a offer in game or in this thread dk's or a good trade. IGN: tehsolution Thanks.
  8. Name : DeathsAngel Class: Segeuriper RB: 5 Level: 250 (Hopefully I can register both my characters if not it's perfectly fine)
  9. [POLL] New armors bonus stats

    Prefer the old stats that would ruin everything.
  10. Name: tehsolution Class: Vicious Summoner RB: 5 Level 250 Looks like a interesting idea can't wait to find out, good luck with the event
  11. Please :D

    I agree, I don't like the new effects either I prefer the old effects, i'd def use the manual patch if they make one.
  12. scammer suspect

    thats insane man, i hate people like that
  13. scammer suspect

    dude that's crazy stuff. People are dumb man I wish we had a block button for individual people. lmfao
  14. I agree, lately I've noticed as I afk more and more people are making noob accounts and shouting at shop that they're selling DSHOP items and i'll go away and come back 30 minutes later to shouts that this same noob character just scammed someone too much of it now it seems. Idk what's wrong with people but it is non sense. Good luck guys and if I can help in any way I will.
  15. I agree, i think if someone is caught scamming they just be banned perm and forgot about cause they're obviously not worth being here anyway.