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  1. congratulations to [DEV]Samurai

    Well Sammy gratz you deserve it and we all know it
  2. Seriously? Klogger site.

    Report the abuse of the site to the provider? or just let it stay like it is and hope no one falls for it :-)
  3. Erlz118 Banned !

    Haha 1 more toxic player gone thanks dude
  4. Change Email

    You can do that on your on at the web page if you can login to your email it shouldn't be a problem in anyway.

    There is a gift system for a reason since you want something like tradeable everything you have the gift system so you can gift stuff to each other by that being said your not supposed to be able to trade and transfer everything ingame to other chars and accounts since it would get abused.
  6. My time has come.

    Im sorry to see you leaveing since i havent talked with you much yet and you have seemed helpful to me all though i only came back a short amount of time ago.

    You also get auto fishing sir and no core wont make it tradeable since it was not meant to be a tradeable item.
  8. As you can see here at the forums core is hireing new gms and guards with some of the reasons such more events and more attention and time to the players.
  9. Leaving for a while

    Gl with it mate and hope to see you again with even more dedication than earlier take your time and come back fully powered.
  10. Sir next time you make a topic use a normal font and color for your title since its really disturbing to look at and might be hard if not very had to read what your topic is about for the players with less good vision.
  11. spammer in chain of fire

    I would like to add another way to do it, when you logout everday and go to sleep or just every 4th hour or how much time your online then report all the spammers you have found that day so you will have a system for it.
  12. As said already there is events not +5 everyday as you might have wanted to but they do happen sometimes exp sometimes pvp sometimes drop events and sometimes boss events and even mount race events so do not question their ability to create awsome events just because of your bad luck and the 'lack of events' since as there has been said already the game masters are online when they have time they are DEDICATED which not all game masters are on other servers but here on core they are then even ask the players what events they like and why so they even can make NEW events. About the spammers getting reported any break of the rules has it's punishment if proof is shown or found. It's the player's job to read and understand the rules and if they dont understand them they can ask about what the rules mean that they dont understand we here at core appreciate that HiiPOWER is helping around ingame since the staff cant be around the entire ingame at the same time which is why they like that the players are helping core with keeping the server clean of toxic players.
  13. Hi gm im seggyWithNoName...

    Sir you should have thought about what you do BEFORE you did it, you should have read the rules and followed them if you did read them ALL you should have known what would happen if you break them if you wish to play here make a new account and start all over (if they didn't ip bann you).
  14. I lost both my pj's

    What are the names of both of your chars? and were they on the same account?
  15. Bad client!

    Sir its your not installing your client the right way or you internet connection there is no problems with the clint if installed right.