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  1. Hi guys im selling my Fafnir wings +2 only 500 dk's each to buy a wing .. please pm me in game IGN DragonPhenomena thanks .. it's rush so PM me now
  2. Cannot Connect To server

    what happen ? is there any problem with the server ? i cant log in XD ..
  3. Middle MAn

    ANY guard or GM on ? we need MM sir ..
  4. Half Bagi Skills

    DEV/GM's/Guard's first of all have a nice day and merry christmas i only got a bit questions about half bagi.... Half bagi got a lot of skills most of HB skills can use without mana consumption can you fix it ? thanks more power and wish you all merry christmas...
  5. Argating system

    im not kidding ? go check for scripts
  6. Argating system

    DEV's/MOD's/GM's/Guard's i want you to know that your argating system is so fucking bug i spent 500 golds for only DN gloves and didnt make it +7 i always failed up to +5 dont know what happen sometimes i triy to use talis @ +5 it fails again can you fix and explain it to me if im unlucky ? 500golds o.O ? for only DN gloves ? hope you fix it ASAP !!!
  7. Leveling Guide

    aw 24 hours gaming
  8. Account already logged

    i got same prob but when i log in my char was deleted
  9. Deleted Char

    yeah Haileynicolet your right me im just waiting for feedback for just few months ago and nothings really happen im bankcrupt still please fix it fast i cant wait anymore
  10. Deleted Char

    and my ak lvl 171 or 160 below i dont remeber was deleted too Fitch Named with 43 u letters feathers 18+ and dks 11 pcs i dont know exactly how many but i have dils and this is true Sir GM's im will not post here for a lie just want to ban im wasting my time here to post to restore my chars so please fix it immidiately Thank you and more powe to server
  11. Deleted Char

    me too since my bagi was crashed i thought it is like 3-5 months ago when my items gone XD.. luminence wing Bagi 3 oceanus and 1 daes and +10 magic Grempil with 40% Fire damage (Grempil "IGN") nothing feedback on it
  12. Deleted Char

    My Aloken is in TheChosenOnes Guild name is TheChosenAloken My AK was no guild named Fitch and idk the 2 chars left forgot their names but it is VS idk know the other one XD..
  13. Deleted Char

    Im Saying the truth my two chars are in TheChosenOnes Guild so how would it delete so fast like in 30 sec.. and i have 2 chars extra no guild XD.. that was my AK lvl 171
  14. Deleted Char

    Mine was crap lvl 171 AK 22 feathers 11 dk's idk how many copper silver and golds but important to me is the char Please do something with it GM's
  15. Deleted Char

    GM's why my account was deleted all char im playing then i got dc then when i log my account there was no character left Please help me