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  1. Charon Touch+13 Bug

    thats the reason why many players in the past are selling their charons touch+13 full cd. most of the wizards skill are fire elemental so better put fire dmg gems on it
  2. Name: ReikaKameyama Class: Black Wizard RB: 5 Level: 250
  3. Otaku only :)

    youre such a femenist lol it hurts my feelings in my place some girls only 15years of age even knows hentai more than i do
  4. Otaku only :)

    youre always here <3 the well known anime guru here ofc who else but you my friend
  5. Otaku only :)

    thanks. oh btw im a half japanese by race. not much of anime things but i do watch them. ohayo gozaimasu
  6. Otaku only :)

    yeah highschool of the dead lmao as in SUPER PLOT ahahaha
  7. FULL EMPTY SLOTS or FS W/ 4X MEDIALS 96 DONT NEED AMR GEMS name your price here ill pay in all dk
  8. i hardly reach you guys online , difference in time zones makes it hard with dealing BUMP....
  9. My artwork

  10. BAGI MASTER HELM= 5.5K ALL DK VS MASTER HELM= 5KDK or simply trade to dn polonom armor+12 w/ atleast 3x medials 96 also selling normal eljebwiteu+12= 700dk