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  1. WHATS UP??

    How you all doing ? I haven't been here long time ago HOW YOU ALL? see some new stuf site and forum great like aways!
  2. Modded AK

    Good work man keep it up and when i get more thime we can talk work together.
  3. MOD help

    and maybe the problem is that maybe u dont export it in DDS (save it in dds) when u edit dont forget to save it in dds again)
  4. MOD help

    Post a SS to see what it looks like to help you.
  5. MOD help

    Normaly this bug comes from itemshape where are pointed the mesh texture and texturepack files but look if u have the texture and texturepack files right.
  6. Im gonna work my ass all summer xD hope to get some $$$$ and will go on beach to get some ten xD
  7. Best Costume Ever :)=Tnx NewKnight

    Im glad you all like it atm i cant make another mods when i come home will start to make for all classes guys . Will see if i have some other mods to post it . Have fun all!
  8. Some old mods + dl links

    #UPDATED second guild updated. MOD added Segnale
  9. Some old mods + dl links

    Hi Erika how you doing? Thread is UPDATED. #new guild added. If you need something else to add as guild to help you just post it .
  10. Some old mods + dl links

    No problem man everything goes to data\texture\costume (this is a costume mode) will make guild where witch filles goes so not to wonder where to replace #NEW GUILD MADE
  11. Some old mods + dl links

    Its not that hard you just replace the 3D and grapfic objects with the think you like xD
  12. Some old mods + dl links

    #NEW things are added ENJOY.
  13. How you all Doing?

    Seckar you bastard im fine just started work, i wont play but i have PhotoShop and GIMP so you know what i mean i will try to make some new shit more pictures less mods cuz my laptop is little slow xD but will try ...... today im gonna go by bus .. 500km -.- to start in a hotel xD by the sea xD
  14. Some old mods + dl links

    Hi all i will put here some of my mods with dl links if u like it use it : 1.Summoner dark set + wep : click , click , click + DL link 2.Dark Bagi(costume) :click + DL link 3.Bagi swimming suit :click+ DL link 4.Bagi Dragon wep(145lvl) : click,click + DL link 5.Segnale Santa girl (costume):click + DL link #NEW Whait for more its coming ... Simple guild for moding:#NEW Im not going to tell you how to open .dds file or any crap that is sad in many other guilds im gonna explain here something else. You asking your self how to change the look of your wep to look like another wep. For example lvl 115 wep to look like wep 150. It's realy easy here what you have to do : 1.You need some kind of program that open or let you browse thrue .dds files (i use GIMP with .DDS plugin) . 2.So you find your wep remember the number (att_equ_stf_19.dds the number is 19 staff 130lvl) . 3.After that go to data\m esh\item\weapon and chose the folder witch your wep type is in my case is data\mesh\item\ weapon\stick . 4.From there i coppy 2 filles att_equ_stf_19.mesh and att_inv_stf_19.mesh put it on your desktop or idc where just not in the same folder. 5.Now my staff 115 is with number 18 so u just have to change the name of the files you coppy wit h the name of the staff 18(115) and then just replace them in the data\mesh\item\weapon\stick . 6.Next you go in texture pack and do the same(data\texturepack\item\weapon...) repeat 3,4and5 step. 7. And finaly go to data\texture\item... and chose the .dds file(with 130 staff in my case)and change the name with 115 staff and replace it. 8.You are done! Good Job! This guild is the same for objects,armors,pets etc...Go try and have FUN!!! (Mesh folder - are the 3d models.) Where to put your moded .dds files: #NEW 1.Armors : data\texture\character 2.Weapons: data\texture\item 3.Costumes: data\texture\costumes 4.Objects: data\texture\objects 5.Game (skillbar,item window,skill three,loading screens etc.): data\texture\ui\game (updated thrue my tablet :-) )
  15. How you all Doing?

    Hi all whats up how you all doing? I started working -.- boring ass hell but this is life, i will start be more active, to make signatures and some stuff soo will be again in the forum . (will post thread so will do some signatures again who wants.) To staff : How are you guys how is it going ? Hope you have fun Good luck and dont forget to have fun ALLL . Peace&Love.