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  1. +13 Malice Edge

    WTS +13 Malice Edge 20% CD 22% ice= 14k or trade to +13 Smoke Thorn 20% CD
  2. MenacingSpear Wizzard skill

    Thats what always happen when i report bugs and they never get looked at
  3. Smoke Thorn +13 Project

    Nice maybe I should retry this i have 5 atm
  4. Multiple suggestions

    Then get out my topic
  5. Smoke Thorn +13 Project

    This was my dream too but I was supposed to make 2 of em for my dual sword combo, now I gave up simce I see a lot of AKs biting off me zzz I'm happy with my +13 malice edge ; D
  6. Multiple suggestions

    1. Get rid of ch 2, 3, 4... no one is ever in ch1 anymore, probably wont happen but it would be interesting and unique, would bring back the aspect of dekaron being a PK based game 2. Change the teleporter roy back to python in front of crevice, better for war, pk and lvling since ppl used to switch straight from crespo to crevice easily. Kinda pointless since you can just run to heiharp from a spawn point, or access parca easily from nearly any town 3. Take a look at some, major/minor skill bugs suggested months prior like VS poison blade, twinbore, AK helion skill, HB earth divider etc etc. 4. The mount bug in pvp, texture problems for half bagi, idk if they were already suggested but i'll just reiterate
  7. WTB +13 Malice Edge

    Wtf lol my bad day turned out good
  9. WTB +13 Malice Edge

  10. WTB +13 Malice Edge

    Bump this shit up
  11. Title says it, no gems please or FS doesnt matter
  12. Title says it, no gems please or FS doesnt matter
  13. WTS +12 Wizard

    Trade complete, close topic please
  14. WTS +12 Wizard

    Whats ur ign
  15. WTS +12 Wizard

    Warriorofgod but im going to sleep now ill be on in like 24 hrs