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    In-Game & Forum Rules!


      Our Rules!

      Please read this agreement carefully before using our service. By using the Core-Games Dekaron service will mean that you agree to these rules:

      • If you do not agree to them, please do not use our service.
      • To use our service, you must register and create a valid account.
      • Keep your password secret and do not reveal it to anyone.
      • We will never ask for your password, not here or on any other website (Including our Facebook Official page).
      • You are fully responsible for all activities conducted through your account and under your Account ID, not your pilot, not your best friend, not your mother, YOU.
      • The rules can be changed at any time by any member of the Core-staff.
      • Staff team members have the last word in any discussion, their decision is indisputable.


      In-Game Rules:
      Creating an account will be seen as acceptance to these rules, as they have been made available to you these rules must be followed accordingly whilst being a part of the community both in-game and on the forums. These rules may change at any stage by the Core-Team but we will endeavor to inform uses whether it be a topic on the forums or a global message In-game.

      1. Discrimination Racism:

      • You may not discriminate or threaten other players, not use any sexually explicit, harmful, ethnically offensive expressions or statements.
      This applies to any language. This is a 17+ video game so please be mature enough to handle the way some people behave.

      • Punishment:
      • 1st Warning = 2 Weeks/336 hours jail time
      • 2nd Warning = Permanent Ban

      2. Hacks/Bugs/Exploits/Cheating/3rd Party Software:

      • You are not allowed to use Software or Game bugs to gain an advantage in Game.
      If you find any type of bugs that can be exploited to cheat, you should
      send a private message to any of the GM, DEV or MOD.

      • Anyone caught hacking will lose all accounts under your IP, having them banned permanently.
      • Auto clickers/auto loots are not permitted, there is an stat applicator on the main website panel after logging in.
      • Partying with a hacker is considered an offense.

      Depending on case validity and proof sufficiency (video/image visibility), rules may differ. Using keyboard macro to automate any kind of process is also highly forbidden and will lead to permanent suspension of character caught doing so.


      However, Core-Team reserves right to take action.

      12. Voting:

      Players are allowed a maximum of 5 Voting accounts.
      • When voting the voting process must be finished entirely. Failure to do so can result in loss of coins. This will help the server and in return the server can help you too.

      13. Spamming:

      • Anything over 2 lines is considered spam.

      • 1st Offense 24 hour/ 1 Day Jail time
      • 2nd Offense 7 days jail time

      • 3rd Offense Loss of character

      14. Item Replacement/Character Loss:

      • The only way items will be replaced in the game is if you used a middleman in the game for a trade and something went wrong. We do not replace items due to roll-back.

      • Sometimes there are special circumstances in which we do return items to players but like it was said that is a special circumstance in which the decision will be voted on by the entire staff team.

      • If you let someone have your account password and trusted them with your account and then you lose the account and items this is your fault, not ours please refer to rule #5. Also, the player responsible for stealing the character/characters or items will be banned from the game for stealing/scamming.


      15. Being AFK (Away from keyboard) and using pet to farm

      • Using Summoner's pet to attack and small pet to pick-up items and Dill while player is afk will result in the following punishment.

      • 1st Offense 72 hour/ 3 Day Jail time
      • 2nd Offense Permanent ban

      16. Being AFK (Away from keyboard) in DK-Square

      • Being AFK (Away from keyboard) in DK-Square map and on purpose block the other players to enter lower team, so the other team can win easier will result in the following punishment.

      • 1st Offense 72 hour/ 3 Day Jail time
      • 2nd Offense Permanent ban


      1. Players are not allowed to reveal a Game Master's, Guardian's, Developer's, Moderator's, Graphics Designer's alternate characters even if they no longer work here to prevent chaos in the game, please respect peoples privacy.
      2. Players are not allowed to give any hints to other players about any staff member's alternate characters.
      3. Evidence/Proof:
      • Un-Editted Video recording and/or Screen Shot.

      4. Ex-Staff members can't reveal themselves or other staff members, sharing staff information is strictly forbidden and will cause the ex-staff member to also be banned if they gave out the information, proof must be provided.
      5. If a staff member is fired and leaves the staff on bad terms, he/she will be banned from staff and have all alternate characters removed/banned from the game as well. (Such as being banned for cheating, not doing your job etc then leaving here and causing issues in the community.) 

      • Punishment
      • Permanent Ban

      18. False Accusations

      • Accusing a player of cheating, scamming, or other in the game without proof will result in the following punishment.

      • 1st Offense You'll be warned and asked to show proof.
      • 2nd Offense 3 days jail (a low level character you create to do this won't be jailed we'll find your main account and jail that one)


      18. Bad Character Names
      • Character names pertaining bad words is not allowed on our server.

      • 1st Offense Character jailed until name is changed, will be changed to something random that we choose if you want a good name you'll have to buy a rename seed and do it yourself, your fault for choosing a bad name in the first place.
      • 2nd Offense Account banned

      Special Dekaron Line rules:
      Battle Royale - Colosseum:

      • Teaming to assure that guildie/buddy wins is forbidden

      First offence: 24 hours ban
      Second offence: 7 days ban
      Third offence: perma ban

      Party Match - Colosseum:

      • Players intentionally reloging or going away-from-keyboard so their guild members can get an easy win is forbidden

      First offence: 24 hours ban
      Second offence: 7 days ban
      Third offence: perma ban

      DK Square:

      • Being Away-From-Keyboard is forbidden
      • Spawn killing more than 5 minutes is forbidden
      • Dual clienting ( To either afk farm or assure you get on other side) is forbidden
      • Entering with High Level Rank character and power rank leveling new characters with low rank is forbidden.

      First offence: 7 days ban
      Second offence: perma ban


      *The Core Staff reserves the right to change these rules without notice at any time for any reason deemed suitable for any situation by the Core Staff.




      Forum Rules 

      1. When creating a thread:

      It is not allowed to create topics including: acount-selling / flame / bashing / advertisment-of-other-servers / pornography / keylogger of any other illegal software.

      Perm ban from forums and accounts in game for:

      • Keyloggers
      • Illegal software
      • Pornography
      • Account Selling
      • Server advertisement

      Temporary forum account ban for:

      • Bashing
      • Flaming

      2. When posting in a thread:

      It's not allowed to post any of the in paragraph 1 of forum rules subjects into your post or to post things unrelated to the thread's subject. It is not allowed do double post a thread, you are allowed to make a double post on a thread IF your previous post was more then 12 hours ago. (this is so you can bring back the thread to our attention)

      Will receive verbal warning first offense 
      Will receive point increase for 2nd & 3rd offense

      3. Be respectful:

      Do not harass, threaten, call names, and insult other posters. "Treat others the way you would like to be treated", with respect. If you insult any staff member this will lead to a direct ban of forums. If you have a problem with someone in particular use the PM system to contact him and tell him what is bothering you or, if the issue is persistent or serious, PM a staff mmber. Don't start threads about this over and over again.

      Will receive warning point increase.

      4. Language:

      All post should be made in English as this is a world wide organisation. Do not use sexual, racial, vulgar, abusive or threatening language.

      Will receive warning point increase.

      5. Spamming:

      Stay on topic, there is no need for non-constructive comments that derange the topic. Also posting the same thing over and over again is not allowed. It is also not allowed do double post (meaning posting 2 times in a row) you can edit the previous post and add what you wanted to say. Or use MulitiQuote if you like to quote more than one person.

      Will receive warning point increase.

      6. Signature:

      Signatures(the picture/text under every post you make) may not contain pornographic pictures or pictures that harass or insult other users, religions, groups or others. The maximum allowed resolution for signatures is limited to 750(width) x 500(height).

      Will receive warning point increase and signature removed for you.

      7. Avatar:

      Avatars(the picture that goes with your description left side) may not contain pornographic pictures or pictures that harass or insult users,religions,groups or others. 

      Will receive warning point increase and image removed for you.

      8. Revealing an Core-Staff alt/alts.

      Players are not allowed to reveal a GM's, Guard's, MOD's or DEV's alt/alts(alt = personal character of the staff member).

      You will be banned from the community game AND forums. 

      9. ShoutBox.

      We give you the opportunity to use a ShoutBox so please don't abuse this because there will be consequences. In the ShoutBox all forum and in-game rules should be respected.Violation of those rules will result in a punishment not only applying to the ShoutBox but the whole forum.

      Also, do not post photo or video links in the ShoutBox because them causes them to auto-embed. 

      1st Offense: Verbal warning
      2nd Offense: 1-day ShoutBox ban
      3rd Offense: 3-day ShoutBox ban
      4th Offense and more: 7-day ShoutBox ban
      If you break the above rules it will result in:
      A proper punishment will be given by a Core-Staff member. These punishments can be appealed to Waffle if they are given unfairly. Every time you get a punishment your warning level will increase. If you reach the maximum of 3 warning points your account will be temporary banned from forum for 30 days.

      In-game & Forum

      Everyone is allowed to request an appeal on their punishment by contacting Waffle.

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