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  1. ACCUSE vs SCAMMER Jail for accuse but scammer stay in server where is the justice. How long it will be takes? Scratchboi as known as IamVoker he is retard scammer long time and now he is back to scam players again? As I see the rules if you did scam you automatic permanent ban and when you still do it again to scam you will be PERMANENT BANNED and IP ADDRESS BANNED. Where is the IP ADDRESS BANNED? Some of perfect players will get ban for accuse for nothing. If you ban players for accuse its really fun server I've ever seen. But those scammer no investigate what they stole from players, yeah! No proof but samurai or masters can check logs or their all chars. Yeah! When players do scam thy will be deleted their char after and making new, but staffs can't find their name but samurai and master can do check logs. It simply, I just making this message to aware players and newbies as concern this server. Please! Take action, some of us haved report against Scratchboi! But you can't do about it we had no choice. Btw, Accusing is part of the game maybe. Players can talk whatever to say to them!