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    SO I CANNOT CONNECT. ONLY MY PROBLEM OR SERVER OFF ? NO ONE ANSWER , NO GM ON ,"CANNOT CONNECT TO THE SERVER" ITS SERVER OFF ? And gm's or dev or someone online ? Lol weekend exp and drop and server off , embarassing.
  2. Double points vote

    Hey Dev , i want to ask now we are at the first place in top 100 , i remeber when u double the points from voting , now why no anymore ? New set coming so will be nice have some vote in + ^-^
  3. SEGU ARMOUR +13

    WST SEGU ARMOUR +13 NORMAL 3X96MEDIAL 1X10%FLINCH 15K DK OR 3 VIP AURA OR SEGNALE ARMOUR or pm offer. Pm in game xLSD xBartholomew
  4. How are u

    Heya , what's going on on deka ? Still people on a3 ? How are u guys ?(: