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    when i log in the forum this morning so many complaints at the chat box about benjie getting release or should i say " UNBAN " for me unbanning him is not good since hes been abusing the championship event , and you even unban him with his title " CHAMPION " maybe i can call him " {CHAMPION BY ABUSING THE WTFAST IN THE CHAMP EVENT} " is it? im not friends with that shinigaml i even fought with him in the pvp when i was playing in the server 2017 i think and that Shinigaml is so damn good . so sad he quit the game because of this Benjie abuse it . when i watch the CHAMPIONSHIP SEGURIPER finals at YOUTUBE . what i saw is freaking impossible shinigaml cant use skill properly and he even left the game because of it . - WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY IS , ONLY REAL TALENT DESERVE TO HAVE THAT TITLE - {CHAMPION}BENJIE ? when i see his name walking in the town all i see is a TRASH WALKING IN ARDECA " HE DONT DESERVE TO WEAR THAT TITLE " UNBAN HIM AND STILL HAVE THE TITLE IS A BIG JOKE .JUSTICE FOR THE SEGU HE FOUGHT AT THE CHAMP EVENT . signing off bread