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  1. Buying: Def/HP Wings Gems +13 DN Hermess Mage +13 Juto Wand 5% CD + selling: +13 Aban TB 3% CD 83 ID /+13 Aban Orb. /w me
  2. BW +13

    Sell Black Wizard +13 Legion Divine Noble Pants 1%Lightining resistance 1%Ice resistance 2% Poison resistance 2%All magic resistance Offer me in dk's
  3. Hello evryone im want exchance: [My DN Nebula boots +10 To DN Griffon boots +10] ScreenShot of DN Nebula boots +10 Nickname: Florrete
  4. WTS> +13Master CS Helm 4x96Medial. HUNTER SET. +13Legion Helm 4x96Medial. +13Legion Armor 10%Flinch 3x96Medial. +13Dn Hermas 2 Line Def. +12Dn Griffon Pant 2%PR. +12Dn Griffon Glove 5%CD 3 Line Damage. +13D.Xbow 30%CD 11%FD. ONLY NEED PURE DK>
  5. WTT>+13 Legion Armor Hunter 30%AMR 10%Flinch = +13 Blist Xbow. WTS>+13Master CS 4x96Medial = DK.

    Pm me here or in game
  7. WTS/WTB BAGI +13 items

    WTB BAGI LEGION PANTS +13 WTB BAGI HERMES+13 WTS BAGI master helmet+12 WTS perses 8% cd