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  1. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Did you find some bugs after upgrade A3 to A6? Please write all bugs under this topic so we can fix them faster. Thank you for patience and support! DEV-Samurai
  2. Disconnected from the Server

    Hey everyone, I just downloaded the client, and created my account. Every time I try and login it always says "Disconnected from the server", I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this. Thanks!
  3. Azure Knight weapon lvl 185 bug

    Hello. I just get 185 lvl weapon and i found this. Axe in left hand doesn't show properly. It happen when i wear 2 1-hand axe lvl 185.When i use with other level axe all fine. It happen only with 185 lvl 1 hand axe.
  4. upgrading or fortifying bug

    upgrading bug sori for the quality of the video i change it bcoz i cant upload here a bigger files. 2.mp4 3.mp4
  5. Teleport Bug

    Hi everyone. I apologyze in advance if you cant understand something that Ill explain below, because my principal/first lenguage is Spanish. that said, lets go. I played a lot of Dekaron servers and this never happend to me. When i want to teleport, it appear the loadbar. when it reachs the end it freeze, like as if the game stoped running for a few seconds. see the img below. I want to know how can i fix it. the entire loadbar finish in like 2 or 3 seconds but in the end it freeze like 10 seconds.... i add a windows defender exception but still bugged... Thanks u in advance!
  6. Can't login

    Today i tried to enter with my char and this message pops up. "Characteer Authorization Failed" What could this be? I just installed the game again.
  7. Its a BUG

    i apologize To @IIIR41jIII Dude i thought that was mine because when i see in my inventory my pants are gone , because my pc hang then i click "i" to inventory it delay then when i open my inventory there is no pants then i accuse u loot my pants when i open another account i saw my ak i saw using the pants then i tab then i didnot see the pants in my ak then i open other account i saw it, then i relog then now i saw it i screenshot it all, im sorry, :/
  8. Weapon Bug

    155 sword shine like +13blist. while the blist not shining.
  9. Fest wings bug on Motorcycle

    Hi DEV-Samurai it seems there is a bug when player is using Fest Wings on Motorcycle: wings are moving faster than other wings here is some little videos about the issue and thanks in advance
  10. BW Dragon skill bug

    Hi DEV-Samurai it seems there is a bug in a BW skill, it is supposed to show a Dragon as what some players are saying. it was working fine in the past here is a little video thanks in advance