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  1. Is it worth it ?

    Hello guyz, i had an old video of mine pop up in youtube of dekaron, and i really went sad about the game. Havent played in years, and i was wondering if server is alive and is it worth it coming back. Havent played Core for a really long time, but i was here since extreme servers and old fussion days. I hope i can meet some old war buddies if you still playing.
  2. Windows 10 Issue

    So iused to play a year ago and i dont remember having any issues with windows 10 and dekaron at all. Now i just came back recently and used an older laptop with windows 8 , my husband just finished repairing my pc and (installing a new ssd, windows and so on ) now i cant start the game as it just gives me this error where its says the core.exe isnt working i tried the thing here in this post http://forum.core-games.net/topic/33739-windows-10-issues-with-game/#comment-147026 with no success . i even tried to to change the compatibility and such with no result aswell. I even asked Google with no helpfull solution that works for me. Perhaps i didnt reinstall the game yet ( but could it just be a problem with my installation)? Sorry for being so fast on asking for help i just got so hyped about the fact that i couldnt play on my day off from work. Reinstalling worked for me sry for the commotion
  3. Hello evryone im want exchance: [My DN Nebula boots +10 To DN Griffon boots +10] ScreenShot of DN Nebula boots +10 Nickname: Florrete
  4. New Socal Core Network Page

  5. Harlem Shake

    Our old HS video from global. Im bored as **** :x

    3 PVP HERE FOR THE PEOPLE ^-^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZJ4N6gCYs8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNJTa1UZOx8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjMdhF6ZG2U ty for see the video n.n/

    3 PVP HERE FOR THE PEOPLE ^-^ ty for see the video n.n/