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  1. Summer Dshop SALE -25% OFF

    Dshop sale -25% has started 28.06.2019 and is currently ACTIVE. Event can be ended anytime without notice. Enjoy, Core-Games
  2. Double EXP Sunday

    Double EXP will be activated on sunday 26.05.2019 Event ends after server restart. Enjoy! Core-Games
  3. Double Donation Event

    We are glad to annouce that Double Donation Christmas Event is here again! What does it mean? - When you donate, you will get 2x more Dshop Coins Start date: 5th of December 2018 End date: 5th of January 2019 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019! Thank you, Core-Games Team
  4. DOUBLE DSHOP COINS DONATION will be activated: (Start 10.12.2017 - End 10.01.2018) - You will get from any donation +100% more coins
  5. Horsey horse event Event mechanics; Mount up and follow hosting GM/s announcements. Hosting GM will announce map where round will be held,everyone shuold gather up with mounts and ride to the spawn spott. Round 1 Map: Deneb Spawns : Agacion/exp monsters/relics/akrises Round 2 Map: Draco dessert Spawns: Duce marble/exp/relics/treassure/akrises Round 3 Map: Parca temple Spawned: Exp/helion//akrises/treassure/relics Thanks everyone for participating,we hope you enjoyed! Dont forget to vote for core-games >:) [GM]Kyle + [GM]Psyche
  6. Exp Event

    EXP Event! Mechanics: Use Aphrodite teleporter to teleport to Event Map 1, Form your parties and make sure you aren't too close to another party. EXP Mobs, Relics & Treasure Chests Were spawned Event Agacion, Event Duce Marble and Incarnation of Hellion Were Spawned at the end of the Event Rules: 1. No KS'ing other parties mobs 2. No Buying/Selling during the event 3. No Asking for extra mobs or drops 4. Make sure your party isn't too close to another party 5. No QQ'ing Breaking any of those can result in stoppage of the event! Screenshots of the Event: http://imgur.com/a/gFkfd We hope you enjoyed the Event : @GM-Siren & [GM]Shuuk <3
  7. Last Man Standing Event !

    LAST MAN STANDING Mechanics : The Last Man Standing until the end of the event will be the winner of each Round. Prize : Special one for the winners ! They made a party at the end together and got tpd by me to a great place ! You can watch pictures of the Event and of the special prize here: http://imgur.com/a/wj3aZ Winners: Kanii (1st round) , xXLastSoulXx (2nd round), RoyAl (3rd round) Hope you guys enjoyed the event until next time and have a great week everyone ! [GM]Shuuk
  8. EXP Event

    Exp Event Map: Event Map 1 Spawned: Exp Mobs, Treasure Chests, Relics, Akrises, and some Bosses towards the end of the event. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/QdK1n I hope you all had fun and enjoyed the Event ! [GM]Shuuk
  9. Exp Event

    Exp Event Map: Event Map 1 Spawned: Exp Mobs, Treasure Chests, Relics, Akrises, and some Bosses towards the end of the event. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/zc8Bo I hope you all had fun and enjoyed the Event ! [GM]Shuuk
  10. 3x Exp and 2x drop for the weekend has been activated! Have fun farming and leveling!
  11. Exp Event

    Exp Event Map: Event Map 1 Spawned: Exp Mobs, Treasure Chests, Relics, Akrises, and 3 Bosses towards the end of the event. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/dsxld We hope you all had fun and enjoyed the Event ! [GM]Shuuk + [GM]Rail
  12. Boss Spawn Event

    Map: Loa Castle Bosses Spawned: Event Agacion, Event Deux Marble, Event Incarnation of Hellion, Neo Deux Marble, Hell Fafnir, Rosea, Guardian Heder, Revelator, Herb Other Spawns: Treasure Boxes, Relics, Akrises, Core of the Suns, and exp mobs Video follows soon.. I hope you all had fun and enjoyed it !
  13. Guess The Song Event

    Guess the Song Event Event Mechanics: 1. I write you a part of a song text 2. Players have to find out the name of the singer and of the song title 3. The first one who sends me those informations wins the round Prizes per round: 100 DK winners: 1. round: FlyHigh Ed Sheran - A Team 2. round: FlyHigh One Republic - Good Life 3. round: JustDoIt Pink Floyd - wish you were here 4. round: Cphynx Wiz Khalifa - no sleep 5. round: FlyHigh Black Sabbath - Paranoid some pictures: http://imgur.com/a/4MxDS [GM]Shuuk
  14. Hide and Seek Event

    3 Rounds of Hide and Seek Event Mechanics: 1. {Guard}Cricket hides in a random map. 2. Clue/s will be given on the {Guard}Crickets location. 3. The first 3 players to find and trade the {Guard}Cricket wins prizes. Prizes per round: 1st: 200 dks 2nd: 150 dks 3rd: 100 dks Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/FD3EG Winners: 1st round: - Waxim - Caisele - Nylea 2nd round: - PoisoNAKs - oOOBoTcHoKeKoY - Waxim 3rd round: - Criminally - oOOBoTcHoKeKoY - oSAFARIo [GM]Shuuk & @{Guard}Cricket
  15. 3 Rounds of Kill the GM + treasure spawn at the end Location: Draco Desert Prizes: 300 DKs for the winner of each round Winners: 1st round: Sabuq 2nd round: DarkOverLord 3rd round: Dorylette
  16. Party vs Party Event !

    Party vs Party Event Location: Battle of Honor and PK/PvP Arena Norak Event Rules: 2. Teams are composed of 4-6 members. 3. Members of the teams are to be registered before the event. 4. All buffs are allowed. No. of Teams Registered: 4 Prize: 1500 DK for the winner Party ! Winner: Leader {Champion}YANO, Grav3Digg3r , JawBreaker , ChaosBreaker, BuiltByHectic , youEasyBoy 1st fight: 2nd fight: Final fight: [GM] Shuuk & @{Guard}Intel
  17. Treasure Hunt, Boss and EXP Mobs spawn Event ! Maps: Loa Castle (round 1), Denebe (round 2) and Parca Temple (round 3) Spawned: - Treasure Chests, Relics all over the maps - 4 Bosses and Exp Mobs in Loa Castle Video follows soon ! (have to edit and upload it first)
  18. Mount & pet Screenshot Event (A3/A9)

    Hello Core Players ! Mount & Pet Screenshot Event (A3/A9) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is my first own hosted Event on Core Server so I hope you enjoy it and make some creative, awesome Screenshots ! As the title says already its a Screenshot Event about your mount or pet. If you dont have one yet, you can buy mounts and pets at the DSHOP with Coins or standard mounts with DIL at the stable keeper in Ardeca, Loa Castle or Braiken Castle. example: http://imgur.com/ESOsqOQ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules & informations (read them first before you take part!) : - Only 1 screenshot by each player and forum user otherwise you get disqualified - The Screenshot must be taken on one of our 2 Core Servers only ! - Upload the Screenshots on http://imgur.com/ and post the link, your In-Game-Name and Server below this topic ! - Don't make unnecessary comments below this topic about other pictures or anything else ! - Don't edit your Screenshot ! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rewards : 1st Place: 1.500 Dshop Coins 2nd Place: 1.000 Dshop Coins 3rd Place: 500 Dshop Coins _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Event starts 19/05/2016 (1:45am Server time) and ends 29/05/2016 (9pm Server time). If you have any questions about the Event feel free to send a pm to {Guard}Shuuk ! The winners will be decided by the Core-Staff through fair voting. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Be creative and show us some cool Screenshots, good luck ! [Core-Staff]
  19. Hide and Seek Event !

    3 Rounds of Hide and Seek Event Mechanics: 1. {Guard}Siren hides in a random map. 2. Clue/s will be given on the {Guard}Siren's location. 3. The first 3 players to find and trade the {Guard}Siren wins prizes. Prizes per round: 1st: 200 dks 2nd: 150 dks 3rd: 100 dks Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/Vwpyf Winners: 1st round: - CaraDelevingne - iSeggylicious -GreenFrog 2nd round: - CaraDelevingne - {Champion}Ancy - Swanzee 3rd round: - {Champion}Ancy - xXxSpearKillerxXx - Alliance [GM]Shuuk & {Guard}Siren
  20. Scavenger Hunt Event

    3 Rounds of Scavenger Hunt Event Mechanics: Host GM announces a random item, and players hunts the item. The first player to trade the item to the Host GM wins the round! Prizes: Winners of each round received 250 DKs. Winners: http://imgur.com/a/ItMhH Round 1 - Item: Magic Mwilren (Lvl 37 Black Wiz Weapon) Winner: CrescentShift and HotGirll (they both tried to trade meat the same time after a long hunt of the item, so I decided to reward them bot.) Round 2 - Item: Magic Belorum (Lvl 66 Segnale Weapon) Winner: AgoodWhipping Round 3 - Item: Magic Gaebourgh (LvL 115 AK one Handed sword) Winner: Quintage I hope you enjoyed the Event- [GM]Shuuk
  21. Last Man Standing Event

    3 rounds of Last Man Standing Event Event Mechanics: 1. All buffs are allowed. 2. Players must be flagged at all time. (Pink Name) 3. Players who are not flagged even for a split second are disqualified and will be teleported out of the venue. 4. No QQing. Prizes per round: 300 DKs for every winner Winner of each round: 1. round: Ishani 2. round: Khutulun 3. round: youEasyBoy Video: @{Guard}Siren streamed the Event ! We had some good fights !
  22. Sit with the GM Event

    4 Rounds of Sit with the GM Event Mechanics: 1. I sit down invisible in a map which will be told. 2. Players have to sit down where they think I could sit. 3. The player who sits on me or is nearer than the other ones wins, the round. Prizes per round: 250 DKs for the winner Winner of each round: 1. round: Gracia 2. round: JORDAN777 3. round: RhennaMaldita 4. round: DesdianLD I spawned some treasures at the end of the Event, I hope you enjoyed it ! Video:
  23. Boss Spawn Event

    Boss Spawn Event in Parca Temple (Near Kata). Thanks to everyone who participated! I hope you all had fun! Don't forget to vote! Until next time! GM-Inori Core-Games Staff
  24. First of all I want to notice all of you that I will try to write my ideas in a very SIMPLE way so everybody can understand here what I mean. Well everyone knows that the A3 engine can’t handle those cool things which are on A9 – like : Battle Royale, Elonohm event, Full automated DK square. BUT we still have great A3 things just like the perfectly working DF, perfectly working siege… Here is my piece of imagination, my idea: Making a scheduled party pvp event from that stuff what already exist in game! We have the Deadfront map, including the Final Party PVP system at the end with a perfect timer. What if we just take out this piece of the map (clone it) only the Arena and the Treasure chamber with the timer system, teleport etc but a bit re-skinned by a nice GFX Make an NPC which can handle the apply and the autoteleport procedures -> minimum 2 party to apply with 3-3 members, maximum 4 full parties (think of the end of DF after killing the great boss). Make this NPC to teleport you and your mates instantly to the "DF Arena". Timer appears time to buff up, then kill each other just like at the end of DF. This is the main line! The killed ones simply can revive at their respawn point. The winners at the end should get some extra time to remove their buffs and then autoteleport to the MODDED Treasure Chamber to get their reward. But the treasure boxes should NOT drop the normal DF rewards! Drop idea: 6 dragon token 180 DK coins 120 feather of infernus, 150 random argate 60 pcs naruke. Sounds high but for a full party on sequential drop option is clearly fair! – not too high not too low drop. I have idea how to do it, I just wrote down the base of the idea, because I'm not sure, if it can be once a real thing or not, so please DO NOT attack or flame this post with mad questions, isssues. My extended map creating idea is the following: Just like DF 3 times appears a timer at this new NPC. When the timer ends and u are in, the NPC autamaticly teleport you to this DF Systemed PvP Arena. This arena should be a clone not the original one as I wrote it, and re-skinned a bit. If somebody could do this mash up, the result would be a PROFESSIONAL UNIQUE whole new map, a whole new event, without of any risk or chance to cheat, where can players fight each other on a nice way and without any GM’s assist! I have been seen what a great dungeon made once GM-Valiant... So thats why this idea came up to my mind. Ty for reading I hope that the Staff will think "a bit" about it DEV-Sam my question is just for you: Are You Able to do this madness, or the server could not handle this? If yes, have you got the power to do this?
  25. Weekend Triple EXP and DROP

    Triple EXP and DROP will be activated: Start: 25.4.2014 10:30 Friday End: 27.4.2014 23:00 Sunday