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  1. Disconnected from the Server

    Hey everyone, I just downloaded the client, and created my account. Every time I try and login it always says "Disconnected from the server", I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this. Thanks!
  2. Server Status

    Sooo , just to be clear , this is not supposed to be another annoying rant because of the DDoS attacks. This is simply a request , regarding the matter of Server Downtime and communication. In the last few days , the Core Network had some problems and many players couldn't connect. The reason doesn't matter atm. Many people asked if the server was up during it's time that it was offline and as the communication in shoutbox is really hard if there are constantly guys asking the same question over and over again. There have been discussions about this , bans from shoutbox and fights have broken out (like the one happening right now between Gengar , Diglett and Fuzz) . I think it would really help if there was an indicator on the website of the individual server regarding it's status. It could even be manuel , that way the work you would have to put into that would be minimal. The work you have to put in to answer those who ask if the server was up is much greater. Just something like "Server Status: offline. Cause for downtime: DDoS-Attacks on the server." So , could you please make a Server Status box somewhere on each server's website? That would be helpful.
  3. New A9 Server

    Also we would like to announce that in a few days we will launch a new A9 bug-free server for all of you to enjoy! The Core-Dekaron Staff Sooo.. I hope that I'm in the right section of the forum. I didn't find any informations about that new server in the forum so I posted this thread. Anyone knows some stuff about this?