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  1. Azure Knight weapon lvl 185 bug

    Hello. I just get 185 lvl weapon and i found this. Axe in left hand doesn't show properly. It happen when i wear 2 1-hand axe lvl 185.When i use with other level axe all fine. It happen only with 185 lvl 1 hand axe.
  2. little question

    Hello I'm new to this game and Ive been looking through the donation shop -> premium -> weapon and last weapon ancient dragon weapon +9. i've been wondering what that is and if anyone can show me a picture with it. please!

    WTS >>Dragon Scythe +11 w/ 4x5% Critical Rate WTS >> DN New Armor SEGURIPER +10 -4 LINE DEF- w/ 4x6% AMR WTS>> NORMAL HERMES SEGU +10 WTS>> MH Segu +10 1,500 DKS "ALL" OR OFFER EACH