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We want you to have a positive experience in our game and community!
A6 is our 5 RB server with the older Dekaron style.
A9 is the new Dekaron style with a 250 LVL cap.

*Please read the information below this point carefully! It is important information that will be key to a stress-free experience while using our server!

We will never ask for your password on any of our social media sites or any other site.
YOU are fully responsible for all activities & account details under your account ID, only YOU!
The rules can be changed at any time by Core Staff.
Staff members have the final say on discussions or situations, period


In-Game Rules: ignorance of our rules is never an excuse, so make sure you take the time to carefully go through them. They are clear and easy to understand.
When you use our service at Core Dekaron, you become bound to the rules below.
If you cannot agree to any of these rules, do not use our service.
To use our services, you must register and have a valid account.
Do NOT share your account information with ANYONE. (see line 2 of the disclaimer above)

1. Scamming/Hacking, partying with a hacker, or taking advantage of a hacker’s effects is forbidden.
Immediate IP ban and all accounts lost!


2. Account responsibility. This list includes: buying/selling accounts, recovering accounts, and item replacement/loss.
We do not recover accounts! Be smart, and always protect your account(s) as suggested above.
Item replacement/loss is not approved except under special circumstances as determined by Core Staff.
-For example, if the loss happened during a staff middleman trade.
Note: you can trade items for donation. It is strongly advised you use an OPR Staff member to ensure fair exchanges.

If you are found guilty of buying or selling accounts, your IP address will be permanently banned, and all your characters deleted!


3. Taking advantage of other players or Core Dekaron Servers is forbidden.
    This list includes: glitch farming, abusing, AFK pet farming, macros, and BOT usage.
Note: macros is only permitted when not AFK.
- 1st offense: 7 days in jail
- 2nd offense: 14 days in jail
- 3rd offense: permanent ban

4. Spamming: do not use multiple lines of text anywhere through Core Dekaron.
Anything over 3 lines is considered spam.
-1st offense: 1 day in jail
-2nd offense: 7 days in jail
-3rd offense: permanent ban


5. Do NOT reveal any staff alternate characters or impersonate any staff member:
Do not mention or reveal any staff member’s alternate characters.
Do not use tags in your IGN or Guild names such as [GM], [DEV], [Dekaron Staff], etc.

Violation of this rule will get you a permanent ban!

6. Disrespecting Staff
All players should respect any staff member, especially since they work to serve your entertainment.
You can be banned immediately depending on the severity of the situation.
-1st offense: 7 days in jail
-2nd offense: permanent ban


7. Blocking non-player characters
Do not block other players from being able to use an NPC in any way.
- 1st offense: warning
- 2nd offense: 7 days in jail

8. Advertising
Do not advertise other Dekaron servers or other games!

Jail time initially, but can be a permanent ban on the first or second occurrence, depending on the severity of the offense!


9. Discrimination/Racism
Do not use TOXIC (poisonous) language on any of Core Dekaron’s services! We want a positive experience for all!
Do not discriminate, threaten, use sexually explicit, harmful, or ethnically offensive expressions/statements against any players!
- 1st offense: 2 weeks in jail
- 2nd offense: permanent ban

10. Abusive behavior
This includes rude, offensive, or negative words/comments directed at another player.
This also includes any account/character names both in-game and on the forums.
Accusing other players falsely of wrongdoing.

Yes, this is an adult game, but do not be a jerk! Remember that you cannot assume others understand your “unique” sense of humor.
- 1st Offense: 1 day in jail
- 2nd offense: 7 days jail time.
- 3rd offense: permanent ban


11. Voting
The voting process must be finished completely.
Failure to complete the proper steps can result in loss of coins.
This perk helps both you and the server.

12. Reporting a violation of the rules
Only video evidence through a PC is accepted.
The video must NOT be edited.
You must use Bandicam or Fraps to record the proof.
The whole conversation must be recorded between both parties.
Being in a party and talking in pt chat is advised.
Send proof to the right channel in the forum or discord to turn in.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!





Everyone is allowed to request an appeal on their punishment by contacting  HGM-LightSide

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