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Sit With DEV + Bonus Spawn

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Sit With DEV Event (Plus Bonus Spawn)


  • DEV will choose a map at random and find a spot in ghost mode
  • DEV will announce the chosen map to players
  • Players will find a spot on the map to sit
  • When the designated time is met, the DEV will reveal himself and reward the player closest to him
  • The winner of each round received 500 DK


  • No cursing during the event
  • No moving after time has been called


Round 1:
Map: Loa Agency
Coords: 265:234
Winner: IMMUNE

dekaron 2017 07 21 23h 30m 11s 0227.jpg

Round 2:
Map: Loa Castle
Coords: 237:214
Winner: jaymor

dekaron 2017 07 21 23h 35m 04s 0548.jpg

Round 3:
Map: Parca Temple
Coords: 395:237
Winner: ShadowsWizard

dekaron 2017 07 21 23h 45m 09s 0338.jpg

Following the event, Agacion (Event), Incarnation of Helion (Event) and Hell Fafnir (Event) were spawned in Loa Castle. Exp Mobs and chests containing DK Coins, Feathers of Infernus, Argates, DN 230 Armor, and DIL were spawned at regular intervals. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and congratulations to our winners. I had a wonderful time and I hope you all did too.

Don't forget to vote for Core!


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