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Spot the DEV Event

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Spot the DEV Event


  • Hosting DEV/GM will hide on a random map
  • DEV/GM will announce the map
  • The first person to find and trade the Hosting DEV/GM wins the round
  • There are 5 rounds
  • The winner of each round received 250 DKs
  • On the final round, there were 3 winners, with amounts being paid out in increments of: 350 DK for 1st, 250 DK for 2nd, 150 DK for 3rd.


  • No pking
  • You must trade the GM to be considered the winner


Round 1:
Map: Ardeca
Coords: 230:160
Winner: Numinos

(I failed to capture a screenshot of the first winner - sorry!)

Round 2: 
Map: Chain of Fire
Coords: 270:275 (Nadon)
Winner: xOsiris

Round 2.PNG

Round 3: 
Map: Parca Temple
Coords: 415:205 (Niete Portal)
Winner: xOsiris

Round 3.PNG

Round 4: 
Map: Event Map 3
Coords: 65:255
Winner: Tyche

Round 4.PNG

(Screenshot is incorrect - it was actually Round 4, I got my numbers confused due to Event Map 3)

Round 5: 
Map: Tomb of Black Dragon
Coords: 275:15
Winners: 1st - Tyche. 2nd - xDrow. 3rd - QueenofAmazon.

Round 5.PNG

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and congratulations to our winners. I had a wonderful time and I hope you all did too.

Don't forget to vote for Core!


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