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Sit With DEV Event

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Sit With DEV Event


  • DEV will choose a map at random and find a spot in ghost mode
  • DEV will announce the chosen map to players
  • Players will find a spot on the map to sit
  • When the designated time is met, the DEV will reveal himself and reward the player closest to him
  • The winner of each round received 150 DK


  • No cursing during the event
  • No moving after time has been called


Round 1:
Map: Ardeca
Coords: Near Ice Castle
Winner: Arconte! However, he was AFK and declared not a winner. This round was disqualified.

Round 2:
Map: Colosseum
Coords: 180:235
Winner: Codecs! (PinkBubbly moved to the location after the announcement)

dekaron 2017 08 01 21h 08m 01s 0401.jpg

Round 3:
Map: Parca Temple
Coords: 434:269
Winner: Mooooooooooooooooo!

dekaron 2017 08 01 21h 12m 38s 0156.jpg

Round 4:
Map: Loa Agency
Coords: 251:241
Winner: Tyche

dekaron 2017 08 01 21h 16m 39s 0306.jpg

Round 5:
Map: Loa Castle
Coords: 225:230
Winner: Suizy! (This was a hard one - IIMISSBLOODII and Dione14 were EXTREMELY close!)

dekaron 2017 08 01 21h 22m 39s 0616.jpg

Round 6:
Map: Heiharp
Coords: 94:71 (Closest was 30:160 near Frozen Valley warp)
Winner: JinnyBravo

dekaron 2017 08 01 21h 32m 21s 0945.jpg

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and congratulations to our winners. I had a wonderful time and I hope you all did too.

Don't forget to vote for Core!


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