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Common but Updated FAST Leveling Guide

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Welcome To Core Dekaron The Answer




“ I skipped the Character/Hero Selection because I think it is common to everyone especially to Newbie/s that after making an account the next step is to Create Character. I focused on IN-GAME tips and Guides that will help newbie/s become adoptive to its environment and enjoy every minute of stay in game.”





1. Ordinary and Regular Leveling





                Upon creating a hero, your next step in game is to level-up and become max in level. I recommend to create a Segnale character for you to have easy access to things needed and for long survival in game.



1.1   – Ardeca Town



























In Ardeca Town, you can get at least level 40 by killing, Mofa/s, Giant Mofa/s, Lizardman, Lizardman Knight from the Town of Lizardmen (from Green Starting point following Red Arrows to the circular spot) and then,you can loot Return Scrolls  dropped by random mobs to go back to main point ( Green Dot ).



“The Next spot is to go Norak Cave 2nd. Floor (LV:40+, DIL: 700)






1.2   – Norak Cave 2nd Floor



  02.png  03.png










Following the red line trails , and killing mobs ( Akris, Valkyrie, Venomoth etc. ) you can get at least 60+which will be the requirement for the next step of you leveling, going to Crespo. It’s a two way around upon reaching 60+, you can either finish the red line trail and go inside Room of Sacrifice and kill boss named Davich to get some good items for future use.


 As you can see in the trail, it ends to a path leading to Crespo which will be you next spot of leveling. It’s a two way around to reach Crespo:


Ø  First, you can go directly to the red arrow to Crespo upon reaching the end of the trail;


Ø  Second, will be.


o   Use return scroll to go back to your Return Point: Ardeca Town and look for NPC: Vincent then teleport to Parca Temple, and then look for NPC: Conrad and teleport to Crespo.




1.3   – Crespo




As stated above,


                Two paths you can go to reach Crespo: (1) directly going to Crespo from Norak Cave or Den of Norak (as name from the map) by following the Yellow line Path or (2) teleporting from NPC: Vincent then to Parca Temple and then to NPC: Conrad then to Crespo by following the Red line Path ( which can be seen in map much faster to take. )


“The next point is in Area of Flame or commonly known as Treasure of Crespo
























Note: Treasure of Crespo Is the place where you can get LV.130+ upon finishing or not, this place is designed for many test like Coffin of the Dead, must pass the Test of The Altar and the Test of Death. Survival and passing tests will lead for reward/s (Obsidian) for future use.



1.4   –  Python Dung or Plane of Pilgrimage




After the decision of completing or not Treasure of Crespo this can be the first option for the next spot of leveling either:




Python Dung LV:90














or Plane of Pilgrimage LV:135









Plane of Pilgrimage or move to Ice Castle LV: 150. Until you get 150+ for your next leveling spot you can decide to stay in




1.5   – Ice Castle










In Ice Castle, all you need to have is a good supporting party to earn argates which you can use in fortifying items to a better one. Commonly argates of different kinds can be obtained here namely, (Copper, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Diamond argates and also Dekaron Coins (DK) and Feathers of Infernu’s Wings).




Until you get 180+ leveling from Ice Castle your next spot will be Sacred Claw until level 200




1.6   – Sacred Claw









Upon reaching LV 200 two ways you can level up.


            (1). Going to Ruins of Baz






Teleporting from NPC: Vincent in Ardeca Town to Aquirai Ruins






Following the trail, leads you to the Ruins of Baz


(2). Going back from Ardeca Town to Ice Castle LV:200








From LV:200 of leveling in either of the 2 options, reaching LV:225+ will lead to next spot of leveling; going back to Ardeca Town and teleporting from NPC: Core to Elonhom.








Having fun leveling to Elonhom can get you to your next and maybe the last destination of leveling, to Dravis Field LV:235+.




Teleporting to the same NPC: Core, to Dravis Village LV:235+








Level up and have fun farming until you get LV250. And then get thyself a Reborn till 5 times Max following the same procedure




2. By Deadfront




                By the old times Core Dekaron has Dead Front as a shortcut for fast leveling gap, I will show you both the old path and new path to reach the Chain of Fire or commonly known as Dead Front.




                First, from Ardeca Town NPC:Vincent  to Denebe







Second will be, teleporting from Ardeca Town’s NPC: Vincent to Colosseum, to Chain of Fire,








                and from Colosseum to Chain of Fire.








Note: more information about the Dead Front are listed below




Picture below showing NPC/s you need to go with by doing Dead Front and their corresponding level brackets.








Dead Front Times:









Note/s to Remember:


1. Always bring make a party in doing dungeon/s.

2. You  easily level up during Weekends upon the activation of x3 exp and x2 drop by the Core-Staff.


3. You can get additional using Auras and Amulets that can be bought through Dshop(Premium Section) or sold by other players in game.




4. Experience Event doing by Core-Staff/s can make you level up fast even make you an RB(reborn) for as long as 1hour or during the event period.
5. Whenever your friends are online, they can help you level up even you are away from keyboard, just remember to ask them to a party.





PS: This is an experience based guide in A3 Dekaron The Answer Server. so i hope this will help you.








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the hell is wrong with you PLAINS OF PILGRAMAGE????? 1mil lost to get 1 fkin hit are you insane make a fkin guide that new players can use otherwise whats the fkin point old players already know how to level and if it needs certain gear tell us what that gear is to survive!!!!!!

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On 6.4.2019 at 4:47 AM, Guest steely said:

the hell is wrong with you PLAINS OF PILGRAMAGE????? 1mil lost to get 1 fkin hit are you insane make a fkin guide that new players can use otherwise whats the fkin point old players already know how to level and if it needs certain gear tell us what that gear is to survive!!!!!!

You can stay in python dg until lvl 150.

and u don’t need talk like shit to player that spent time to make guide for players like you 

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