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Patch 104.12.0 - 104.12.2 [Infinite Battle 2 + Helion Wings Upgrade]

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Patch 104.12.0:  


- Christmas Event ended. All Christmas free and Dshop limited costumes + Lollipops are removed
  - Added new maps lv. 195+ :

  •     Infinite Battle 2 - Battlefield (Non-PK) and Infinite Battle 2 - Fight (PK) to Conrad NPC (Parca Temple teleporter)

  - Updated map Battle Arena - Added new small monsters around the map
  - Added new Boss to Infinite Battle 2 maps: Ditar - drops Divine Noble rings
  - Updated Event Bosses :

  •   Added Divine Noble Helion Armors +10 and Juto's Weapons +10 to drops with older items
  •   Added new Event Bosses: Angry Yogmond, Angry Tarik, Angry Agacion, Angry Incarnation of Helion, Angry Karke

  - Added new Helion Wings:

helion wings korea.png
  - Added new fortify system for upgrading almost all wings to the best Helion Wings:

  •   You can upgrade your wings using "Helion Wings Fortify Feather" at Pablos or Axion NPC.

  - Added "Helion Wings Fortify Feather" to:

  •   Angry Incarnation of Helion (Event Boss) and Wings Upgrade Stone Exchange at Richard (NPC)

  - Updated Champion Wings stats - to be still slightly better than Helion Wings


Fortify Rates for Helion Wings Upgrade:

  • +32% Success Rate without talisman
  • +50% Success Rate with talisman

Patch 104.12.1:

Some more adjustments:

- Updated Exchange amount for Helion Wings Fortify Item from 100 -> 50 Wings Upgrade Stones

Infinite Battle 2 Updated:

  • Added DK-Coins, Feather of Infernus Wings and Argates drop to Infinite Battle 2 maps
  • Reduced damage and defense on Ditar boss
  • Added Helion Wings Fortify Feather to drop from Ditar boss (Low rate)
  • Slightly increased normal monsters damage

- Dead Front [Hell] Updated:

  • Increased DK-Coins and Feather's of Infernus Wings drop
  • Updated Oppucus [Hell] Boss - now drops best Divine Noble Rings (Last Deaf Front Boss)

- Slightly increased DK-Coins drop on all monsters

- Added Wings Upgrade Stone [100 EA] to Dshop



- Activated new feature - Free Dshop Coins for staying online (Every hour)

- Restricted opening game clients on 1 PC - max 2 game clients can be opened now

- Removed Channel 2


*Manual patch (If need): http://forum.core-games.net/topic/35613-latest-manual-patch-a3-download/


Thank you.

dekaron 2018 02 01 21h 50m 25s 0841.jpg


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dekaron 2018 02 01 11h 22m 16s 0966.jpg

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