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{Guard} Application

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New form submission has been received. View form {Guard} Application.

Name: FierCeSBOrn
Email: esteban-8080@hotmail.com
Form: {Guard} Application

Your Name: Esteban Silva
Email Address: esteban-8080@hotmail.com
Where are you from? (Country): Venezuela
How old are you?: 24
In-Game Character Name/s?: FirRCeSBoRn
Can you navigate around the forums well?: Yes, i know how to manage forums well.
What server are you applying for?: A3 Reborn
Can you keep your alt and staff character seperate/secret?: of course, that's the most important part of being in the staff.
How long can you be on your staff character per day?: probably 1:30 to 2 hours, could be more, Depends on my time.
Can you help players with technical issues?: Yes, if i know how to solve the issue i might help.
How long have you played on the server in which you're applying to work?: I've been in A3 server for 5 years or so.
Tell us a little about yourself and why we should choose you to work here?:

Well, i think you should choose me because i have enough experience in the game, i know how it all works since as i said i had been here for 5 years or so. Also i was in the staff before, i was a guard for 1 year, untill i got kicked by our ex Hgm due inactivity bacause i was studying my last semester at the uni, and also was stuying English, so i didn't had time to be here. Now i have finished it all, and i can be in the staff. I know how to manage the forums and i of course i could try to help players with issues about the game, doubts or whatever, as long i have knowledge about it.


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