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Dekaron Genesis [DOWNLOAD]

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Core-Games Dekaron Genesis:

- The official server is under maintenance and will be opened once we close testing brand new server. However test server is opened and everyone who registered atleast 1/2 year ago can test it.

What's new?

- Added 75% content from A3 Core Dekaron The Answer
- Rebuilded all monsters item drop (90% A3 Core The Answer)
- New Colosseum:
Battle Royale will give DK-Coins as rewards (No more B Coins)
Party Battle 2v2 was changed into 3v3 and will give "The battlefield: The proof of victory" coin (No more P Coins)
- Colosseum items shop rebuilded
- New option stats in Magic, Noble, Divine rings, necklaces (Custom build)
- A3 style armors defense and weapons damage
- A9 skills (latest build A20 update from old genesis server)
- New maps and monsters level and drop - Mix of A3 and A9 server + A21 maps
- New teleports level and price, updated warps (Official A21 like)
- Core fortify system - Actually same as on A3 +13 upgrade + A9 belts and bracelet max +10
- and much more..


Download Links (Newest update 24.03.2020):

  1. Mega.nz
  2. Mediafire.com
  3. Torrent
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