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New game content:

- Added new weapon gems in game:

  • Fatal
  • Vital
  • Destruction
  • Max Critical Rhombus
  • Max Critical Pyramid

+6-9% gems can be found on low-level monsters

+10% gems can be found on high-level monsters

Ultimate gems 10-15%  gems can be found on bosses and hard monsters

- Added new maps: Forgotten Temple 1 and Forgotten Temple 2

- Added new boss Helpyron in Forgotten Temple 2 - drops best rings and ulltimate gems - respawn every1 hour

- Added teleport of new map to Alvin NPC teleporter at Ardeca

- Reduced dill drops (should slightly balance market after some time)

- Added new Sapphire Costume to Dshop

- Updated Attack, Defense and Max Critical gems in Dshop - added new gems

- Updated monsters names

- Updated anticheat

- Updated Ardeca

- Updated exchange:

Dekaron Coins I:

  • Added Max Critical Rhombus, Max Critical Pyramid

Naruke Exchange III:

  • Added +14% Attack gems


- Have fun in game!


*Manual Patch (If need): http://forum.core-games.net/topic/35613-latest-manual-patch-a3-download/


Thank you,



dekaron 2018 08 17 22h 58m 41s 0908.jpg

dekaron 2018 08 17 22h 05m 38s 0203.jpg

dekaron 2018 08 15 20h 58m 21s 0053.jpg

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