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My suggestions

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Hey guys, so my suggestions for the A9 server are as follows:


Item stack sizes.

Make items like: potions, return scrolls, argates, redemption seeds, arrows/bolts

Stack to larger numbers so that you don't need to use so much invent space for them, since it is a pserver and just to be convenient.

Specially for arrows/bolts, yes not all skills need them, but some do.


Buff duration.

Changing buff duration for "non elite" buffs to be increased. For example the segnales buffs, incars buffs etc etc. All non really strong buff's (pve orientated buffs pretty much)

Such buffs should have a much longer (and same) duration so that it's less tedious to rebuff while grinding away, specially with each class's buffs not lasting same time, if it was at least 20-30 mins then every1 rebuffs, that's fine.

For pvp critical buffs (crit resist, abnormality resistance etc) kind of buffs should stay on the short duration, as having those on for long periods may very well cause some imbalance, unless tweaked to not be too strong.


Summoner pets.

If there is such a stat, maybe giving them a "damage to monsters bonus" so that all pets can be someone relative (but not op in pvp), just worse atk's/aoe's/status effects.

Or at least just more hp so they don't die when luring, just to make the earlier ones more then a troll.


More to come (maybe xD)

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