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[IMPORTANT] Notice to all Current Unbanned Champions

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Hello everyone, I have been talking to the Owner about the T-Shirts. Apparently they were all sent back. So, what I am going to do is post a list of all current and unbanned champions as of today (December 21, 2018). I will also post information I will needed from you guys and it will have to be sent through a PM on Forum or on Discord Private Message. They will be reshipped and I will give you a tracking number. You can find me on Discord through the public discord group: https://discord.gg/NGmpxtY


Current Champions (not banned)

  • TheDestroyer
  • xMortisha
  • BestSeg
  • Komamura
  • Digger
  • RyDKnight
  • {KING}Shinji


I will need the following information in the following format (sent through PM on Forum or on Discord):


Shipping Information

CA = Abbreviation for the state of California in the USA.

  • Champion IGN:
  • Account ID (This is to verify that the person sending me the message is the champion):
  • First Name (Real Name):
  • Last Name (Real Name):
  • Street Address + *Apartment if any (Ex: 12345 Wilshire Blvd Apt. 205):
  • City/Town (Ex: Los Angeles):
  • State/Province/county/etc + Postal Code (Ex: CA, 33445):
  • Country (Ex: USA):
  • Shirt Size and (M = Male, F = Female):
  • Phone Number with Country Code and Area Code (Ex. +1 (310) 123 4567 <-- US Format but it should be similar internationally):
  • E-Mail Address (Current E-Mail Address in use):
  • Social Media used most (Facebook/Instagram/Viber/Snapchat/etc):


I will be sending the information to the Owner as I get them. Some may arrive sooner than others, depending on the Country they are going too. So be patient, I will be giving out tracking number to those who provide me with these information when the packages are sent out.


If you have any questions feel free to PM me on Forum or Discord. Thanks!



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