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Riddle Event

1 post in this topic



50 dks per round 


5 Rounds




1: A rooster lays an egg on the roof of a barn. Which way does the egg roll?

2: What does almost no one what, yet almost no one wants to lose?

3: How can you make a car, a parrot, a refrigerator, and a TV Liquid?

4: I am always in front of you but never behind you. What am i?

5: No matter how much it rains, it never gets any wetter. What is it?




1: I doesn't, roosters don't lay eggs.

2: Their job

3: Sell them

4: The Future

5: Water




1: Gwendolyn

2: Gwendolyn

3: Gwendolyn

4: Gwendolyn

5: Yasuke


Thanks for participate, Dont forget to vote CORE!



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