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Patch 23.2.4

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Patch 23.2.4:

Skill system update:
- Global skill reset - all characters will get free skill reset at NPC skill master
- Meister and 170 Lv.+ skills costs 1 skill point per upgrade
- Meister and Grand Meister skills cool time is increased by +10 sec


Exchange update:
- Lowered price of 10% Max Critical to 1150 DK-Coins
- Lowered price of 7% Max Critical Rhombus and Pyramid to 1750 DK-Coins
- Lowered price of Woody Pet Egg to 1990 DK-Coins

New Dshop items:
- Added Storage Mastery to increase storage space
- Added A Wealth Merchant's Stall to increase personal shop cells
- Added Storage Keeper's Key to activate shared storage between characters on same account

- Dead Front and Siege Timer under investigation and fixing - can be fixed after update

*Manual Patch (If need):

Thank you.


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