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PVP balance

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So it seems this has been the cause of the apparent dwindling in population for the past few weeks, but despite reports being made by players and changes being implemented by the developer, people are still unhappy and there are still "imbalances" that need attention.   Based on what I see (please correct me if I'm wrong) people would want:

1.  Increase in shield as pvp that takes place in seconds is boring.

2.  PVP/PK damage balance.  Basically, damage shouldn't be too OP for all classes, but in such a way that +13 would still deal considerable damage compared to lower enhanced item (+12 and below), otherwise +13 weapon loses its value.  Definition of being "too OP" is something that players need to specify.

3.  Skill damage balance.  Very tricky part as some skills deal status effects, most notable of which is stun/silence (duration) as its a major game changer on any pvp battle.  

Just a question though, aren't we following the skill effects from the original dekaron, though I don't see any complaints there, pvp-wise?  Also, if A3 was a complete success before, why not make damage ratio the same as it was in A3 or is that not possible?

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