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-NEPTUNE DN 300ID UP no CD option

-Serpent 350ID UP no CD option

-Aegis Amber 400ID UP no CD option

-Aegis Amber 4CD and 300IMD UP

-Helion DN CS Armor +12 or +13 50 deff UP

-Helion Pants DN CS +12 or +13 2PR,2AMR or 50 deff UP


WTT Hunter Gears:

Legatus Helm +13

Helion Armor Noble +13{3%curse ress,1%poison ress}

Helion Pants +13 {2%Phy ress gems}

Helion Boots +13 {2x gems(2%speed)}

Griffon Glove DN +12 {2%DMG,57ID,5CD}

Golden Crossbow Magic +13{162ID Option and full 7%Rgombus }

Ultimate Abaddon's Bow Noble {265ID option and full 7%Rhombus}

Moon Wings 

I want trade to Aloken same or maybe Segnale



Caligio's 11CD 74IMD=2k

Caligio's 10CD 110ID=1,5k

D.Claw 299ID 80ID=1,5k

Kratos 8CD 2CR 127IMD=1k

Serpent 4CD,47ID,156IMD=800DKs

Serpent 4CD,175IMD,1MS,2CR=1k

Serpent 3CD,11CR=500DKs

Serpent 3CD,76ID,2MS,1CR=200DKs

Serpent 4CD,2MS,5CR,86IMD=1k

Neptune 4CD,79ID,2MS=700DKs

Neptune 6MS=1,5K


PM ME Private or ING {Champion}Digger,Royalll or zZZz


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