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Guys, I read all the suggestion posts and saw a lot of complaints about how difficult the server is and that nothing has been done about it. I know the intention after they reset it is to make it harder and obviously more people would come to play. It was clear that in this regard you made mistakes, after all the server is still empty. The difference is that before there was at least Siege and fun there.
Let's face it, almost no one is playing A9 anymore (except on Saturday events and some new players who play 1-2 days and stop).
I wanted to have some GM create an account and try to play there, try to find 5 more players to go to BR and try to buy a belt or go to DF with someone.
I would also like to ask for a position on everything I mentioned.
I mean how long will you hold the server in this state? Will you close it again?
Will it be as it is?
Will it make it easier?
Will there be any improvement?
Will any GMs log in and see what happens (or better doesn't happen) over there?
Nothing personal, but the GM responsible for the A9 failed his mission. I never saw him online except on Saturdays at the event.
I believe the server manager could give a position, at least out of consideration, after so much time played and money spent on the game and was lost after the server was reset and nothing was returned.

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