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still bugged to this day , worst of all is the quest that accompany 's it to unlock it also has been turned off 

people wanna do this quest and want to enter this dungeon , granted core staff is work hard or hardly working  how ever you look at it .

again nice to introduce new things but what happened to making sure the first parts work well and progressively fixing things first that are long past due ,and then move on to the rest in an orderly fashion befor introducing new things .making sure that what is on the game works well ,  not have a a bunch of new things that all conflict and have so many bugs that it literally crashes the game or the server for that matter .

So with all that got added all willie nilly and then have to try to pick through what is what to find problems , when you compound the problem of the added weight of the extras that seem to interfere with the solution to find the issuse with out having to do double work to dismantle and reconstruct over and over again  

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