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Patch 25.7.0 - 25.7.5

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Patch 25.7.0 - 25.7.5:

- Added new Pure Korea Costume to Dshop
- Added new Wings of the Sky to Dshop:
- Updated Wedding Ring stats
- Fixed some Azure Knight Sapphire weapons visual bugs
- Fixed some NPCs information text bugs
- Added Special Juto's Fiery Weapons [30 Days] to new starting characters and old players (will be gifted in mailbox) [This process can take some more hours/days after patch release]
- Added daily, weekly, monthly quests NPC in Ardeca
- Updated exchange: Treasure of Crespo, Magic Field of Crevice, Magic Field of Abyss, Unique Letter
- Added and revamped Karon's Transport Ship [Expedition] and Rank S [Party Dung]
- Added Daily, Weekly, Monthly Quests exchange boards to Ardeca Town:

Daily quests are based on the old exchange of Treasure of Crespo, Magic Field of Crevice and Fiery Heart exchange, some of Treasure of Crespo exchange has been updated there we added 100 Gold Frog and 100 Gold Fish for 20 Obsidians (you get 4 obsidians by completing Treasure of Crespo A = 15-20 min one run)
and in Magic Field of Crevice we added Head of Abaddon = 10 Magic Stone Piece (You get 4 Piece when completing Crevice A dung = 30 min)
rest stay same for buffs and some other items

dekaron 2020 03 19 10h 36m 45s 0570.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 40m 40s 0690.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 40m 48s 0373.jpg

Weekly quests:
There I added Magic Field of Abyss and Unique Letter exchange
Magic Field of Abyss exchange needs Head of Abbadon - Obtainable from daily quests or completing full dung (we know about abyss last boss crash bug, there was a try to fix it in this update, need more time to test but we working on it, there is no problem with the boss itself but with sript showing "Mission Complete")
In Magic Field of Abyss exchange (Head of Abaddon) we added Spell Kracion (Needs Spell Plume before to complete exchange) and Wedding Ring with updated stats.
In Unique Letters exchange we only used some items (like Desayer's Ring) for monthly quest. (Its very old exchange, Letters Drops from Akris only mostly in lower level maps)

dekaron 2020 03 19 10h 43m 37s 0214.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 45m 01s 0408.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 45m 19s 0267.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 45m 49s 0419.jpg

And last Monthly Exchange - we revamped completly Karon's Transport Ship (S = Party Dung, A,B,C = Expedition) so you need to make full party (7 people for S rank or expedition) to enter dung.
We added new Main Ring (1x equip), Necklace (more times equip) and Earring (2x equip) with name "Lord Karon's Ring, Necklace, Earring"
To get this rings you need Dirham item which is obtainable only from Karon's Transport Ship (monsters drop it there and you get it also for completing dung - but is hard)
also to make more challenge we added some rings from Weekly Quests exchange as requirement to complete exchange transaction,
so for Lord Karon's Ring (30 Days box) you need Desayers's Ring from weekly quests (Unique Letters 500),
for Lord Karon's Necklace you need Wedding Ring from Weekly Quests (Head of Abaddon - Magic Field of Abyss)
and for Lord Karon's Earring (30 Days) you need Spell Kracion first from Daily exchange
also these rings/earring are already in game very long time so you can use them to complete exchange, they can be obtained from normal boss drops too..


dekaron 2020 03 19 10h 48m 04s 0783.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 49m 15s 0171.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 55m 01s 0477.jpg
dekaron 2020 03 19 10h 54m 57s 0488.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 10h 54m 59s 0948.jpg

To make faster teleport into expedition we added Karon's Transport Ship teleport to Ardeca respawn area.

dekaron 2020 03 19 11h 00m 25s 0873.jpg

And the last 2 things to mention:

For those who donate and we added Karon's Rings [30 days] to Dshop

and when easter is coming:

We also added Easter's Premium Golden Egg (random box) to dshop - LIMITED SALE (Will be removed after event ends)
- After opening the egg you will obtain one of the items included inside.

dekaron 2020 03 19 11h 02m 12s 0102.jpgdekaron 2020 03 19 11h 02m 42s 0121.jpg


Have fun in game,



dekaron 2020 03 19 10h 50m 03s 0836.jpg

*Manual Patch (If need):


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