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If you have in your inventory items like :

- Feather of Infernus'w Wings
- Dekaron Coin
- Unique Letter U
- Magic Stone Piece
- Obisidian


  PrtScr capture_10.jpgPrtScr capture_8.jpg

PrtScr capture_12.jpgPrtScr capture_11.jpg

PrtScr capture_14.jpgPrtScr capture_13.jpg

PrtScr capture_16.jpgPrtScr capture_15.jpg

PrtScr capture_18.jpgPrtScr capture_17.jpg


Im pretty sure you want to know what can you do with that items :).

Well..there is a place in Ardeca called Agency, where you can exchange that items to something very cool and usefull.

You can enter in Agency by talking with Muras or Munda NPC (Non Play Character) 
which is at Ardeca Town 315:151

Guide Dekaron.rtf - WordPad.jpg

PrtScr capture_19.jpg


-Feather of Infernus's Wings

With this item you can acquire the 160 lvl wings for each class , and approach to wings system.
You will find 2 NPC as picture below:

 PrtScr capture_21.jpg

PrtScr capture_22.jpgPrtScr capture_23.jpg



- Dekaron Coin

Dekaron coins let you aquire much items you will need during your life in the Core Dekaron World.
PrtScr capture_24.jpg

PrtScr capture_25.jpg

-Unique Letter U

As the items before Unique Letter gives u some usefull items
PrtScr capture_26.jpg

PrtScr capture_27.jpg

-Magic Stone Piece

You can exchange thats to Stacy

PrtScr capture_28.jpg

PrtScr capture_29.jpg

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