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From the first day you are in the World of Core Dekaron probably you've heard about Narukes.

These are very usefull items and most common trade values.

You can aquire narukes in Ardeca Agency  exchanging argates, each argates have a certain exchange values.
 PrtScr capture_60.jpg

PrtScr capture_30.jpg

For example you can have 100 Narukes excahnging 1000 coppers , or 100 narukes exchanging 300 gold... ecc..

 PrtScr capture_31.jpg

Guide Dekaron.rtf - WordPad_3.jpg


Always there you will fine the Naruke Exchange board , where  you can acquire cool items .
You will fine there for example some other kind of Wings :
(Only Butterfly Wings require Narukes, the other needs Feathers Of Infernus's Wings)
 PrtScr capture_32.jpg

PrtScr capture_33.jpg

or these kind of things:

 PrtScr capture_34.jpg

PrtScr capture_35.jpg



With Narukes you can even get the Epic Weapong Upgrade Crystals

 PrtScr capture_36.jpg

PrtScr capture_37.jpg

- Juto's Revived Weapons Upgrade 

Juto are the highest Weapons in Game at the moment,  185 lvl required.
As the description that you can read in game, we can use the Crystal to upgrade the Juto's Revived Weapon +13 into another level, 3 level are avaible.
First Ruby then Gold then the last, Sapphire:
 PrtScr capture_38.jpg

PrtScr capture_39.jpg

PrtScr capture_40.jpg

PrtScr capture_41.jpg
These are the final Sapphire added stats :

PrtScr capture_42.jpg


- Abbadon's Weapons Argate

Before Juto's Weapon we can find Dragon's Weapon as the description that you can read in game we can use the Abbandon's argate to upgrade that Weapons +13 to get Another Level called Abbadon's.
By the way Abbandon's Weapon are avaible around the Dekaron World, dropped from Monsters or from Mike npc in Ardeca , Exchanging Purchase Points. 

PrtScr capture_43.jpg

PrtScr capture_44.jpg

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