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hmm shutting down df in hopes they will go dk square is a fail idea ,nope not happening i tried couple times no  1 wants to go ,

shame till this mess gets fixed  gonna be a lot of unhappy campers 

this is what will tune it up 

gp /pp in dk square only and make it 2x the amount normally  and 6 on 3x exp  no mavrics 

mavrics all monsters all maps as intended

df no gp/pp   increase dks feathers  reduce dill and dn rings on both bosses and 250 gear to reflect the lvl not 240 gear 

exchange boards out   champ statues out  of ardeca , set that crap in agency there plenty of npc for that 

karons ship needs repair and better incentives to do 

fix python abyss  why should we do 3 runs to get a head in exchange for 1 abyss run per head  seems pointless to do a runs  ,cause u do  abyss  run also for other gems and jewels  fix abyss last drop on that boss the bug is the head drop needs a fix 

fiery heart if u put shit buffs candies ,again no incentive to do it  put a d shop wing  and other good things it wont kill  and people will go to crespo abyss and no gp /pp there 

ive seen this before in other games and this  shows 2 things    1 is the  turning over of the players  2 the competence of the dev to properly fix things as opposed to adding more cluster **** and useless game addons and options that don't appeal  to the masses, and create more bugs and issues than intended and make the dev work 2-3 xs more,  fix all first ensure all is working in a systematic and orderly fashion then add 1 thing at a time then debug  

instead of trying to debug and fix a bunch of things  that u back track on chasing conflicts that u never fix 

and no more than 3 chars per ip on at a time this will stop the illicit wrangling of resources for real money and power exploits  aka the fishers (and only 1 reason why you need a 100 kdk in stash  (not stupid ,and yea ive come across it on a couple of the shop owners and they know who they are ,not to mention patrons of these said shops , put it this way they did not have to say it exactly it was implied with a certain understanding  with out accusations or innuendo aside 

again we don't need to complain about this and this is not a complaint 

this is a simple how to ensure the satisfaction of the players reducing down time and keeping dev work load and focus on a single track that does not overwhelm him or pressure him into either making mistakes or doing 2 or 3x the work intended or needed to achieve the desired result 

as to whether this logic is understood that's a cow of a different color 

cause from what i see its not going well and there is a lot of graphic bugs now as well as the rest o the issues phoenix.jpeg

 good luck  and hope you endeavor to do the right thing 

cause the good thing is not always the right thing and the right thing may not always be the good thing 

thank you for your attention and interest 


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