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a few server-related questions

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hello, i am a new player in this server because i got nostalgic for dekaron. however, i d want to know if this server requires you a lot to be competitive, because what i love the most about dekaron is the pk/pvp, and i want to dive into that as soon as possible. so, how long would it take a newbie on this server to farm the best gear and rings so that they can be competitive and start pking?

also, i understood there s a reborn system. how long it takes one player to get to max level and reborn?

Are there newbie friendly guilds?

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Every player have a segnale & a main character. 

That would be your best option, Max your segnale then after that you can start farming / creating gears for your main char. 

The duration of you completing a full set can vary, it also depends on luck when it comes to upgrading items to +13. You can farm argates convert them to narukes then you can get DK’s then you can buy part items for your main character. 

Maxing a character shouldn’t take you a week, specially now that 2x drop and 3x exp is on the whole time due to the crisis ( best time to farm too) 


I hope this helps you a little bit, I hope you meet some nice people in ardeca to guide you too or help you out! :) 

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