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first to start as i see last update was in history of core a real game killer. all the drops are foul all plain, all bosses drop plain garbage everything more messed up than ever  lag bugs of every type you name it it going on 

to gm korrz howdy and welcome back ,in retrospect to your query ,as you see attendance is low ,and fact  being is the game has slowly shifted to a more monetized way of operating this coupled with  the lack of incentive in farming and playing  due to the poor QUALITY  and availability of drops ,  along with fortifying and other game mechanics bugs and deliberate settings with long running game bugs  that detract from the experience and so players leave. 

I have mentioned many a post on how both players can improve there experience with how they manage there system,as well as core bugs and issues we all know but have not been resolved and have come to fall on deaf ears and my own suggestions that well if even got a glance in the list . 

so to say what does the server need? it needs a lot of things, truth be told you should  not be asking that question what the server needs ,understandably you have not been here for a long time so you will not see the details that lead to the current situation , if anything what the server needed most all was you  


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