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things that matter

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ok i understand it takes work  but seeing how its being managed  now is ,  ridiculous  it being poorly maintained and the caliber of the quality just does not exist 

and the crashing channels and server complete 

what's wrong is it that hard  or difficult to maintain  and keep running smoothly 

on last check thes issues still exist and many new  1 s have cropped up 

python abyss still crashes last boss 

df timer all messed up  

graphics glitches   

and all kind of  things gone bad  

also asking ppl to change password weekly is pointless if they share their accounts or divulge part of it in conversations or are in corrupt shops nothing to do 

and don't even go there to question my gear   i7 4700k 4.3   4core 8process  16gig ram @ 1600 mhz  and radeon rx570





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