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what more can be said  ,nothing :  i did a little checking and the problems and the python abyss and the settings and bugs are deliberately set by dev  .which means they are  gonna remove all that can be exploited as they go along ,and if that's any example  a3 wont be any better, and i will never go on that server  , they can keep it , so now if you wonder why no voting no dks in the ponds ect ect  all set to random from plain and all the rest .

they wanna see more donations , that wont happen 1 simple reason ,   you never make it so that you deny or refuse to service the people (no gm intervention on matters that need resolving or lack of staff ,being left to your own device ) and worst off  events that have no merit or value  ,you attract more bees with sugar than vinegar , and yes there is a big difference between chocolate and shit 

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